Camping Sites in Virginia


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Summary: Virginia is a well known tourist spot with many splendid destinations catering to the needs of every camper. Some famous camping sites are The American Heritage RV Park, Bethpage Camp Resort, Heavenly Acres Campgrounds, Shenandoah River Outfitters’ Camp, The Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, Virginia Beach, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, etc.


Ask any camper about his/her favorite camping destinations and you are sure to repeatedly hear Virginia. There are innumerable camping locations present in Virginia. Whether you interest in camping is related to physical activity, recreational activity or simply lazing around to relax and refresh; your options are many. Most of these parks cater to all the above categories of camping.

Major camping sites

The American Heritage RV Park is one of the best places in and around Virginia. It is located in the beautiful town – Williamsburg. This place is also of historical significance – perfect for a family outing. You can choose you style of camping in this arena. If you are for adventure, there are plenty of options present. Another important name is the Bethpage Camp Resort that has multiple activities. Volleyball courts and other play areas are also present. You are also sure to see some excellent scenery along the Rappahannock River. There are multiple things to do here to have a great fun time. The spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains surround the area and one can just sit enjoying the amazing view the whole day.  If you are looking to spend some quality time with your loved one doing nothing but just relaxing, then Heavenly Acres Campgrounds is all about such moments. You can lose yourself in the music of birds and other wildlife. Even if you choose to go on adventurous trips, you still have quite a few options. The Shenandoah River Outfitters’ Camp is best if you want to put up a tent. Enjoy the night by the camp-fire and listen to the rumbling sound of the river. This is one of the truest ways of camping. The Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is another noteworthy camping site. This is more of a metro style of camping complete with TV lounges, home-theaters, dining halls, etc. It is best for those seeking a night out in a home away from home. If you choose to relax by the camp-fire, that too is provided. Virginia Beach is a favorite tour spot filled with attractive landscapes. The beaches are pristine with some excellent restaurants by the seaside catering to a range of cuisines. The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is another exciting spot of Virginia. This hosts wildlife spread across about 9000 acres. Many endangered species like the peregrine falcons, piping plovers, bald eagles, loggerhead sea turtles, etc are preserved here.