Camping Sites in Oregon



There are plentiful camping sites in Oregon – both in the central region and along its coast. Some well-known ones include the Nehalem Bay State Park, Sandbeach Campground, South Beach State Park, Bullards Beach State Park, etc. The central ones include Deschutes River State Area, Milo Mclver State Park, etc.


People have a wide range of preferences when it comes to recreation. Some love playing games: outdoor and indoor. While others like hiking. Some prefer fishing while others just want to lie by the river-side enjoying the scenic beauty. The more adventurous campers look for horseback riding, mountain biking or trekking. For all these activities and more there are various camping sites in Oregon.

Famous camping locations

There are various locations ideal for campers in Oregon. The variety is large. Coastal camping grounds are available as well as a large number of parks and campgrounds spread across this beautiful state. A weekend trip with family or friends is best when combined with recreational activities like hiking, waterskiing, etc. Some people who simply want to get away from work and relax can just laze around in the sun and enjoy the unceasing waves. Oregon is specially known for its amazing beaches. You can bring along camping tents or if you are travelling around in RVs, you still have ample choices.


The Nehalem Bay State Park is one worthy of mention. It has a great variety of wildlife. Once can enjoy all sorts of activities like kayaking, horseback riding or even fishing. This park is frequented by hikers and trekkers who love adventurous trips. If you are planning to visit with your RV, you can easily bring large ones that are up to 50 feet in length. You will also find many huts that can accommodate 4-5 people. For a quick weekend combo, you should try the Sandbeach Campground. You can couple camping with some adrenalin-pumping off road fun. However you need to reach the place early as this camp works on a first come – priority basis. The South Beach State park is also well-loved by campers. The special features of this park are the kayaking tours that are undertaken along the famous Beaver Creek. Enjoy the Pacific coast to the fullest. You could fish, windsurf or simply relax. There are quite a few campsites in this arena with Wi-Fi access. The Bullards Beach State Park is best for family outings. Boating facilities are present in the calm Coquille River and you can enjoy the majestic wildlife of the place. You are sure to make your family happy in this scenic locale. Central Oregon also has a large number of camps like the Deschutes River State Area, Milo Mclver State Park, etc.