Camping Destination In and Around Utah



Summary: There are some amazing destinations for camping in and around Utah. The Provo River is base to many parks. All of them showcase excellent scenic beauty. The Big Springs Park, Bridal Veil Falls Park, Canyon Glen Park, Vivian Park, Mt. Timpanogos Park are some of the well known parks. The Nunn’s Park even offers overnight stays.


Camping is a recreational activity chosen by many individuals to relax and have fun. There are many amazing camping destinations in and around Utah. Scenic parks, resorts, river-sides, etc.  The Uinta National Forest is one such place where most adventurous activities can be undertaken. There are quite a few parks too. If you are looking for an official get-away with your peers or as a team, then these parks provide a great opportunity to relax and refresh. The ambience is sure to be magnificent with beautiful mountains and greenery. Most parks have excellent pavilions. This may be charged at times. Some basic amenities available in these parks are restrooms, drinking water, power-supply and of course the crowd-favorite BBQs. Hence this makes for the perfect outing. Provo Canyon is filled with such recreational parks.

Other famous destinations

The Big Springs Park is ideally located on the banks of the Provo River. It is one of better known parks in the region. It is a large park covering about four acres. It is well maintained with greenery covering the region. Those looking for mountain biking, hiking, motorcycling or horseback riding should love this spot. The National Forest land is also situated adjacent to the park. The well-known Great Western Trail is also present in the neighborhood. Another park worthy of mention is the Bridal Veil Falls Park. It is best known for numerous picnic spots present on grass. There is a large lawn area for a game of Frisbee or hand-ball. The famous waterfalls are considered one of the Top 100 in America. The Canyon Glen Park is best loved by sports-lovers. It has large play areas for different games. The Provo River can also be accessed for cooling off after a relaxing game. An Amphitheater is also present that conducts regular events and concerts. The Mt. Timpanogos Park is another beautiful park to visit. Other parks include the Nunn’s Park that even offers overnight camping. The South Fork Park is another large park in the list. It is again suited for a wide range of activity. The Upper Falls Park is the best if you are looking to spend some cozy time with a loved one; great to spend time together. It is managed by the Utah County. Vivian Park is a park that has historical significance. It is one of the first parks that were set up as recreational destinations.