North America: Fishing Camping and Much More..




North America has a variety of climatic conditions that make it possible for you to go camping with your family and friends at almost any time of the year. There are numerous camping sites that are located near water bodies such as lakes and creeks which make it possible for you to enjoy fishing on your camping trip as well. There are fishing camping sites all over North America to double the fun of your camping trip.



Imagine a holiday amidst the woods with you sitting by a lake and fishing calmly, having forgotten all the worries of the world. Imagine you cook the freshly caught fish for your family and then go on a hiking trail with your children. All this can come true in North America. North America has the most beautiful landscapes for you to enjoy. A leisurely fishing camping weekend can be just the thing for you and your family. It will have something for everyone. While you enjoy a quiet fishing trip, you can teach your kids to be more adventurous and survive in the outdoors.

There are many camp sites that are located around lakes and rivers both in Canada and USA. Most of them will also have space and services for your RV. Bass, Carp, Trout, Pickerel, Perch are some of the varieties of game fish that you can expect to find in different regions of North America.


The United States of America has a variety of climatic conditions that make it possible for you to take your fishing camping vacation anytime you want. There are campgrounds all over America located next to rivers, creeks or lakes. Pretty much any substantial natural water body will offer plenty of game fish for you. There are thousands of privately owned campsites in USA and some of these even have aqua farms besides the surrounding lakes and creeks. Being privately owned, these campsites have all the required amenities for you to enjoy your camping experience. Most of them also have provisions for RV camping.

For example, in Florence PA, the Mirror Lake RV Camping and Fishing has a five acres lake that is stocked up by them. Another good example is the Catfish Heaven Aqua Farm and Campground in Louisiana which has a catfish Aqua farm.


Canada is home to some of the most pristine landscapes in the world. There are many mountain ranges all over Canada that have rivers, creeks, lakes etc. which have dedicated camping sites around them  apart from fishing you can go hiking, rafting and all kinds of adventures.  If you are more of an island person, there is the world famous Vancouver Island for you to enjoy with provincial parks all around the island for camping. The Canadian Rockies have been designated as a World Heritage site and are home to some of the best campsites in the world.  Fishing is available at many of these sites. Camping sites in Canada are run and regulated by Parks Canada, the national agency. Hence, services all over are good. You can choose from fully serviced camping sites to camping sites with the bare minimum facilities. RV camping facilities are available at most camping sites. The best sites are of course, located in the National Parks and the Provincial Parks.