Camping in Canadian Rockies: Pristine, Divine and Fun.




The Canandian Rockies are a UNESCO World Heritage site and have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy Canadian Rockies. There are many campsities on the Canandian Rockies that you can go to. These campsites may have some or all the amenities you may require while camping such a water, electricity and sewage facilities.


The Canadian Rockies extend from the Canadian Prairies on the eastern side to the Rocky Mountain trench on the West and up to the Liard River on the Northern side. A mountain range that has the most beautiful glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and canyons, the Canadian Rocky Mountain ranges have been declared as a World Heritage site. You can enjoy the stunning, pristine landscapes of the Canandian Rockies by camping there for a few days. Simply take your RV, drive down to any of the several campsites and enjoy yourself. Campsites are located in the national parks and the regional parks and the most popular sites are Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Jasper, Mt Revelstoke, Sparwood, Waterton, Elkford, Grand Cache etc. These sites are maintained by Parks Canada and hence are generally well kept with their natural beauty intact as well as have the most modern amenities.

Full Hook Up Campsites

The amenities range from full services sites partially serviced sites to Unserviced sites. A majority of the full hookup campsites or fully serviced sites are located in Banff and Jasper.  A full services site is one where you have all the amenities available such as water, power charging facilities for your RV and sewer. This should be a good choice if you are travelling with young kids or going for a school outing. Since these kinds of campsites are usually more in demand, it would be ideal if you reserve your place online. Park Cananda also provides reservation services. The Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court is good full hookup site to visit.


Partially services and Unserviced Campsites

Most Campsites are partially serviced with only some services available such as shower facilities, electricity facilities or flush toilet facilities. A few unserviced ones have no amenities except a space to park your RV, pitch your tent in and have a picnic table. These kinds of sites are for people who are slightly more adventurous than others and like to keep their camping traditional. They are located all over the Candian Rockies.


Make sure you know what kind of amenities are available at your choice of campsite to avoid unpleasant situations. Many campsites may have restrictions on the kind of activities you may conduct. For example, some campsites may have a ban on camp fires and barbecues or have strict regulations against them. Some camp sites may have other restrictions. Follow the instructions given safely as they are meant to make your camping experience safe and trouble free.