Some of the Best Camping Sites in Nebraska



General description: Camping of course in the true sense of the word means roughing it in the open. But besides the hardship, to be among the scenic beauty of nature and its serene surroundings is an ethereal experience. Nebraska with its state parks and forests like whitetail will not disappoint those wanting to get back to nature.

Nebraska state parks and forest reserves have over a 100 campsite of which some of these are small lesser known camping grounds. They offer an excellent quiet atmosphere away from the crowds thronging the larger sites.

Memphis state recreation area has a large campground surrounding a 48 acre lake which after complete renovation will play home to many species of fish such as bluegills, channel catfish, largemouth bass and redear sunfish. Most of the campsites are along the lake shores where campers are allowed non electric powerboats to maintain the peaceful atmosphere. If you are up to a challenges in the wilderness then camp at Gallagher canyon sra. The parks boasts of splendid scenic views and some great fishing for flathead and crappies. The park is never full except on weekends.

Camping in Toadstool geological park can be a unique and interesting experience. The geological formations here are phenomenal and stunning. The park lies in Sioux County and has small campgrounds which provide good amenities such as picnic tables and fire grills. If you love river camping then you would love River view the only camp ground that has campgrounds on the shores of the Missouri. Quiet shady spots complimented with an evening pleasant breeze can be extremely relaxing and soothing for those who truly enjoy camping. 30 sites provide electrical hookups restrooms and clean toilets.

Among the greater camping areas one must visit whitetail campground in Nebraska’s national forest. Forest lands cover the Missouri plateau and the sand hills where campers have a choice for exploration and hiking over the prairies filled with wildlife unique to the area. Whitetail campsites are situated among the cool shaded cottonwoods.


Hit The Trail Of Lewis And Clark Along The River Named After The Explorers.

Lewis and Clark SRA are located on Nebraska’s second largest lake 7 miles from Crofton. Campsites provide modernized cabins situated on the banks of the lake. Cabins provide clean linen and are equipped with kitchen facilities. There is an abundance of water sport activities like water skiing, scuba diving and sail boarding in addition to hiking and fishing.

Indiana cave state park supports equestrian sports and is well known for its lovely hiking trails where one can explore the magical cave. Not for fun campers but those who really enjoy a sweaty rugged hike. One of the attractions is the ghost town of ST Deroin.

For a park filled with activity one can camp at the Ponca state park with campsites filled with good amenities. Horseback riding, golf, fishing can all be experienced along with some excellent hiking trails to view some of the wildlife in the area.

Nebraska scores well in terms of greenery with a whole lot of campsites which will make every camper ask for more. The presence of the Missouri makes every campground all the more interesting.