North America’s Campsites- Provide Scenic Beauty and Adventure



Summary: North America plays host to a number of popular campsites. Each of these offers campers an unforgettable experience where every trip becomes a new adventure to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Among North America’s 390 odd camping parks, there are some frequented a lot for their thrills, activities and scenic beauty that surround every area. Take for instance The Amphitheatre Campground looking over the town of Ouray in Colorado. Perched at 8400 feet this park exudes an alpine atmosphere where one can embark on several exciting hikes. You can even hike up to Mount Sneffels at a height of 14000 ft, experience the pristine beauty of waterfalls along the way and engage in water activities provided by park authorities.


In Colorado, one can also camp in the historic site of ‘Hovenweep National Monument`. Campers can drive along this park and camp instead at the larger Mesa Verde national park. The rugged desert areas are a change from the traditional sort of camping. The area provides an excellent opportunity for stargazers with an extra dark but perfect star dotted night sky. Kids can even participate in a NPS junior Ranger program.


There is nothing better than camping in the ‘Great Smoky Mountains National Park’. The park offers 10 campsites equipped with toilets, electric hookups, dishwashing sinks, picnic tables and fire grills. The delightful features of these sites are that most of them are located alongside creeks. Elkmont being the largest and a well spaced out site is situated at the north side with adventurous trails leading to Tremont and Cades Cove.


City of Rocks is a Rock Climbing Paradise

There are many seasoned campers who swear by the ‘City of Rocks` in Idaho. The area is spectacular for rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts. Upon entering, one is simply awed at the magical rock formation and granite domes interspaced throughout the park. Campers can rent their own bouldering site at approx 12.70 USD per night. The only thing one should be careful of is the unpredictable weather.


While speaking of camping one must mention Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This is literally a hiker’s paradise with several campsites located among lush vegetation. A number of activities and some superb hiking trails will make Yellowstone a place to remember. Yellowstone is famous for three hidden corners such as the Cascade Corner; an adventure lover’s delight with an abundance of cascading water, located off the Pitchstone Plateau and the Bechler River. The volcanic Hoodoo Basin on the tip of the Lamar valley and the Thorofare steeped in history where you can hike along the Pacific Creek Trail all the way to Yellowstone Lake. Campers will come across 15 campsites situated in the backcountry of Yellowstone.


Regardless of where you camp your RV, every site has decent basic amenities. Remember camping outdoors is meant for the fun experience of roughing it outdoors. Camping after all is an adventure and North America is full of it.