Good Canoe Camping Destinations In North America



Summary- North America has several good canoe camping destinations that stretch right from those in Alaska and Canada to those in the western and southern USA. No matter where you undertake a canoe camping trip in North America you are sure to treated to the best of natural scenes, wildlife views and lovely waters that will have you paddling for hours on end.


Canoe camping is a favorite recreational activity among the North Americans. This kind of a camping trip combines the best of both canoeing and camping. The good news is that North America has several sites to take a canoe tour in. Right from the upper reaches of Canada and Alaska to further down in the western and southern USA, you have a number scenic canoe sites that can truly make you wonder at Mother Nature. Here is some information on some great canoe camping destinations in North America for those who are raring to go on a canoe camping spree.

Best North American Canoe Camping Destinations

If you are ready to brave snow-capped mountains, moose and grizzly bears you must meander among the waters of the Pelly and Yukon Rivers in Canada and Alaska. While the Pelly River is a bit fast if you can paddle reasonably well, then you should not have any problems. On this trip, what will catch your breath is the beauty of Yukon. The Yukon River in fact, boasts of housing the longest salmons in the world which a must for camera-capture. Do not forget that this was also the region that witnessed the Klondike Gold Rush several decades ago.

Another hotspot for canoe camping is the Bowron Lakes in Canada. Mind you that this canoe trip will be longish what with the 116 km of waters stretching out before you. But for all the efforts that you put in to paddle on this prolonged journey, you can feast your eyes on the surrounding wilderness, rugged forests, wetland marshes, bogs and of course, the snowcapped peaks. Do not miss out on the bears, beavers and the moose even as your eyes take in the natural sceneries. The beauty with this destination is that there are several cleared tenting sites and shelters where you can cook and dry equipment.

Coming a bit down geographically, one excellent canoeing destination is the Green River Stillwater Canyon in Utah. For a wild, west American tour and an amazing view of red rock mountains and rock art sites and ruins of ancient Indians this canoeing site is by far the best. In particular, this region boasts of flat waters that are ideal for family trips including kids and novices.

Some other superb canoeing destinations in North America include the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia, Bog River Adirondacks in New York and the Snake River Grand Teton Park in Wyoming. All these offer the best of natural scenes, wildlife views and canoeing experience.

Choose your destination as per your liking and enjoy your canoe-camping trip to the fullest!