Camping Destinations in Grand Canyon North America



Summary– Grand Canyon, with its intricate rock formations, massive depressions and sheer magnitude, quite easily becomes the most awe inspiring natural beauty in the world. Camping, rock climbing and hiking expeditions are the only way to soak in the true vastness of this natural wonder. Therefore this article comes up with some great camping spots where you can plan your Canyon Holiday for the best.


Grand Canyon is inarguably the most spectacular natural sites on the face of the planet and with millions of visitors every year it is easily the most popular one too. This massive depression on earth’s surface has been the matter of great research and speculation over the centuries making it the most enigmatic natural phenomenon for everyone. Without a doubt, The Grand Canyons is one of the seven natural marvels and is as awe inspiring for people today as it was thousands of years ago too!


Each year there are hundreds of hiking and rock climbing expeditions organized by the local agencies for tourists both from home and abroad. The Canyon itself stretches for an unbelievable 277 miles in length and 15 miles in width making it a huge ground for camping and trekking. There are many camping sites and locations which offer delightful scenic beauty and accessibility to crucial services.


Which are the Best Grand Canyon Camping Locations?

For foreign tourists and first time visitors, there is a huge dilemma of choosing the best camping site which suits their budget and gives them the full view of both majestic Canyons. There are fantastic camping spots in both the North Rim as well as the South Rim of the Canyons.

  • Kaibab Camper Village– Located in the north rim near the famous Jacob Lake this site has complete hook up facilities for RVs and is well connected to the highways.
  • North Rim Camp Ground– This is beautiful yet much secluded camping ground which opens up mid-August till mid-October each year.
  • Mather Camper Ground– This one is in the south rim and is the most popular camping spot for its proximity to the locations as well as facilities for RVs and campervans. Best for family trips with kids.
  • Desert View Campgrounds– Located 25 miles from the Canyons it is a bit secluded site but preferred mostly due to its breathtaking scenic splendors.
  • Grand Canyon Railways RVs Park– Located in the historic route 66 this is by far the most famous camping location in North America.


The sheer magnitude of this crater like depression makes it impossible for anyone to enjoy the full view of the Canyon from just one point or angle, therefore hiking and camping expeditions are the only way to truly see this spectacle. Camping with the family in these famous Canyon locations makes it truly exciting and memorable.