The Various Camping State Parks Located In Canada



Summary: There are numerous camping state parks located all over North America and Canada is in no way an exception to it. Canada has been bestowed by the nature with some of the most beautiful, enchanting and captivating camping parks of the world. Most of the popular camping grounds are located in and around Ontario, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Some such famous camping grounds include the Quetico state park, Bronte Creek Park, Darlington Park, Sibbald Point Park, etc.



There can’t be anything more joyous and fun-filled experience for the younger members of your family than to take them out for a camping trip this summer vacation. While they are out of their school lately, it’s probably the right time to take them on a tour to some of the most popular and celebrated camping state parks of Canada.


The must-visit camping state parks of Canada:-

It would be a crime to not begin this list with the mention of the famous campgrounds of Ontario, Canada. The beautiful campgrounds of Ontario can be your best holiday destination this summer. Ontario boasts a never-ending list of camping parks and campgrounds. Visiting these parks is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Ontario. You can begin your journey with the protected and pristine wilderness of the Quetico state park. At Quetico, camping in and around the Lake Superior located on the US-Canada border can be an excellent idea too. The park has several tangled networks of lakes, glassy lakes, cascading waterfalls and pretty endless forests.


Next, you can plan to camp overnight at the pastoral and all-season oasis of Bronte Creek. Located between Oakville and Burlington, the Bronte Creek Park offers you a place wherein you can unwind and have a soothing experience.  Your children would love this place. Take them to the play barn, stroll along the trails of nature and swim in the huge outdoor pools.


If you are planning to travel to Toronto, then there are plenty of camping options too. There are several major camping grounds located within a radius of 100km from Toronto. The most famous park out of the lot is the Darlington Park. It is one of the most favored recreational parks located in the eastern outskirts of Oshawa. Watch out for the beautiful migrating birds, resident plovers and terns, log cabins, etc. The McLaughlin Bay and the toboggans located downhill are a treat too.


The former dwelling place of the of the famed Sibbald family, the Sibbald Point Park can be the best camping arena for your kids. You can set up your camp in the sandy beaches or in the shady picnic spots located in the park. Therein, you can go about hiking the forested trails, tour the Eildon Hall, visit the St. George’s Church and relive the beautiful manors. There are several interesting activities available for your kids too and they will definitely enjoy the trip.