The Top Camp Sites Located in Western Colorado



Summary: The abundance of beautiful and unique camping grounds throughout the United States can never be challenged and Western Colorado too isn’t devoid of such enchanting campsites either. Lovely waterfalls, endearing valleys, great hiking trails, natural pools, lush green vegetation’s and beautiful picnic spots are the features of the camping grounds of Western Colorado. Some popular campsites include the Matterhorn Campground, Rifle Falls State Park, Amphitheater Campground, Hovenweep, Mesa Verde National Park, etc.



Western Colorado happens to be the favorite playing arena of the Coloradans. Western Colorado begins from the west of the famous Continental Divide. The western slopes are the favorite destination for the skiing enthusiasts and the open lands are apt for camping and various other recreational activities.


Best camping sites in West Colorado:-

Western Colorado is nothing less than a sheer camping heaven. Some of its top campgrounds are mentioned below:-

1)      Matterhorn Campground:-

This site is best described as a glamorous camping site. The Matterhorn campsite is located around 7 miles to the south of the Telluride region. The Matterhorn site offers opportunities for horse riding, biking, camping and backpacking in the beautiful and rugged mountains of San Juan. You can also go about biking through the extended Goose Trails. The campground also offers innumerous picnic sites. Columbine, the state flower of Colorado, grows in abundance in and around the Matterhorn Campgrounds.


2)      Rifle Falls State Park:-

If you are thinking about camping in Western Colorado, visiting the Rifle Falls State Park is a must. You just can’t afford to miss it. The Rifle Falls State Park is around 190 miles away from Denver. Located to the north of Rifle, a small town, this state park is a unique place for camping. The hot and dry valleys and the lush green vegetation are a treat to the eyes. The three waterfalls along the Rifle Creek cools down the air while the limestone caverns located behind these waterfalls are a great place to explore. The park offers around thirteen RV/tent campsites with seven walk-in sites exclusively for tents.


3)      Amphitheater Campground:-

The Amphitheater campsite is located above Ouray, a historic town. Ouray is also famous for its hot spring pools which add beauty to the campsite. The main street to this site is full of quaint shops, restaurants and galleries. The campsite is also popular for its scenic and alpine hiking trails. There are ceaseless opportunities for outdoor activities too. You also get access to the 14′ers mountain peak and Mount Sneffels.


4)      Hovenweep and Mesa Verde National Park:-

Hovenweep is located to the southwest of Colorado and it’s a great place to visit during spring. Near to this place is the Mesa Verde National Park which is yet another amazing campground. Camping is quite comfortable in this area with tent of pad shade structures, fire rings, tables, running water, etc. This campground is specially planned for tents but, some other sites can accommodate RV’s too.