The Best Camping State Parks of the Unites States



Summary: There are innumerous campgrounds located all over the United States of America. Each of the camping grounds of US has something unique to offer to the campers.  They are bestowed with endless natural beauty and offer a wide range of recreational activities to the campers.  Some of the most popular campsites include the Brookville Lake, Yosemite National Park, Carolina Hemlocks, Loon Lake, Ocean pond, etc.



If it’s for the first time that you are planning to go out with your family and friends on a camping trip, then you will find this guide very interesting. While the list of top-notch camping grounds in the US is pretty incessant, we still strived hard to bring to you the top five most favored camping areas in the United States.


The top five best camping parks in the United States:-

1)      Brookville Lake:-

Located in the heart of Brookville, Indiana, the campsite around the Brookville Lake is the most favored camping ground for the majority of the Americans. This campsite also includes the beautiful Whitewater Memorial camping state park complex. Another reason for the Brookville Park to be a center of attraction is its archaeological connection. One can find innumerous pre-historic evidences and large deposits of fossils belonging to the Ordovician period. The area around the lake consists of more than 300 campsites. Also, there are fun-filled boating opportunities, 20+ miles of hiking trails, fishing, hunting and skiing activities, etc. There are beautiful resorts, beaches, picnic spots and horseshoe pits too.


2)      Yosemite National Park:-

The Yosemite National Park located in Mariposa region of California is yet another beautiful and scenery-filled campground. Whether it’s the Yosemite Valley or the Giant Sequoias located in the Mariposa Grove, there are many beautiful places to explore. Walking amongst the giant trees of Toulomne, Merced or Mariposa groves feels awesome. You can also go about hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and snow skiing in the park. Other worth-seeing sites include the Half Domes, Hetch-hetchy reservoirs, Yosemite falls, etc.


3)      Carolina Hemlocks:-

Also known by the name Tsuga Caroliana, this park is located in the Burnsville region of Carolina. It is the most favored camping arena for a majority of the US campers. Herein, you can go about bird watching, swimming, picnicking, sightseeing and hiking in the Appalachian trails and the North Carolinian running Trails.


4)      Loon Lake:-

This beautiful lake is located in the Douglas County of the Oregon Coastal Range. Stretching over an area of 249 acres with an approximate elevation of 390 feet’s, the campground in and around the Loon Lake is a camper’s delight. The camping park around the lake offers a lot of recreational activities like fishing, cougar hunting, bird watching, whale watching, etc. This park is basically a hunting paradise.


5)      Ocean pond:-

Camping experiences in the Osceola National Forest around the famous Ocean pond are always great. Hiking is the prime attraction of this camping ground. Some of the most popular hiking trails include the Mount Carrie field trail, Olustee Battle trail and the Trampled trail. You can also perform various other outdoor activities such as water skiing, boating, horse riding, etc.