Snowboard Camping Destinations in North America



Summary – Snowboard camps are great fun in North America and you have many campgrounds to enjoy the skiing and hiking activities.

The snowboard camps are the overnight camping venues which are meant to train and teach the snowboarders. These camps are available for different levels of learning – the camps are meant for both the beginners and also who are experts in snowboarding. The snowboarding camp generally lasts for one week. The beginner camps focus on basic skills for snowboarding like turning, jumping, carving skills, proper stance and also the balancing skills of snowboarding. The camps which are meant for the advanced learners specialize in boarder cross, freestyle slalom, giant slalom and halfpipe.

When summer arrives, there are very less chances of skiing or rather you do not have any options in Europe, United States of America and Canada. One can enjoy these winter activities in North America. There are many popular campgrounds in North America. Some of them have been discussed as under:

Favorite snowboard camping destinations

Matterhorn Camp ground – this camping ground is very old. It is located in Telluride and this is the most expensive place in Colorado. The Matterhorn Camp ground is located about 7 miles from the city of Telluride. It has incredible opportunities for biking, backpacking, trekking and skiing and horse riding. The camping in the San Juan Mountains is just incredible. The cost of per night is approximately US$1000. This place is described as a highly developed place and here you have all the facilities available – excellent boarding and lodging facilities and also you can enjoy the best cuisine from across the world.

Amphitheater campground – this campground is located above the well-known historic town of Ouray. Ouray is known for its hot water springs. The city is fully loaded with restaurants, lots of shopping malls and many food joints. It is the best for all types hiking trails and they leave right from the campground. The Amphitheater campground is located at about 8400 feet and you can enjoy cool nights and warm days during your snowboarding.

Rifle falls – this place is called as to having natural air conditioning. It is situated about 190 miles towards the west of Denver; towards the north you have the small town of Rifle. The Rifle Park is located in a hot and dry area but the atmosphere remains cool across the entire place. You can enjoy the lush green vegetation and the most famous waterfall of Rifle Creek. It is fun to explore the bats which lie behind the cavern.