Different Camping Sites Located In South California



Summary: The Southern part of California is believed to be a camper’s mecca. Whether it’s the mountainous north, green valleys, beautiful shores or the lovely eco-systems, South California offers everything. The count of camping sites available in this part of the world is pretty endless and the favorites vary from people to people. Some of the top camping grounds of South California include the Crystal Lake, Catalina Island, Ryan Mountains, Doane Family Campground, Calico Ghost Town Park, etc.



South California can be a great place for camping purposes if the right venue is chosen. There are many campsites available in South California and each of these sites has something unique to offer. There are campgrounds to suit the tastes of all types of campers. South California can be your perfect camping destination this summer.


The Best Camping Sites of South California:-

1)      Crystal lake:-

Surrounded by the beautiful Angeles National Forest, the Crystal Lake is a scenic camping ground with hilly and wooden environs. This South Californian lake is very near to Los Angeles too. The crystal park recreational area is a perfect camping site as it has more than thirty different campgrounds spread throughout the area of the Angeles National Forest. None of the campers visiting here misses out on the opportunity to go about hiking the great canyon trails.


2)      Little Harbor camping ground:-

Located in the famous Catalina Island, the Little Harbor camping site is the most exotic campground you can ever visit. Accompanied by the beautiful San Pedro Channel, Little harbor is nothing less than a gem situated in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The golden beaches are a delight for every tourist visiting it. The site also supports different types of recreational activities like sailing, hiking, fishing, etc.


3)      Joshua Tree national park:-

If you are planning for an extraordinary hiking experience, then a visit to the Joshua Tree National park is a must. The camping grounds located in the Ryan Mountain and the Jumbo Rocks offer challenging and extravagant climbing adventures. The views from the Ryan Mountain are simply breathtaking. In short, these campgrounds are a climber’s heaven.


4)      Doane Family Campground:-

This campground is located in the Cleveland National Forest and around San Diego. The prime attractions of this campground are its beautiful forests, ample opportunities for fishing, hiking trails, exotic sceneries, etc. While there’s no off-roading, still you can find clubs nearby.


5)      Calico Ghost Town Regional Park:-

If you are in search of exhilarating sites, then the Calico Ghost Town Regional Park is the best place that you can go for camping. Located in the heart of the Mojave National Preserve, there is no shortage of mesmerizing sceneries and beautiful sites in this camping ground. There are hot showers, shops and restaurants present around the camping area. Near to the camping sites, there are many off-road trails which can give you a delightful camping experience.