The Top National Parks in North America for Camping



Summary: Camping is a fun outdoor adventure for all to enjoy. A person could enjoy a trip with his family or with friends and have a great deal of fun. In North America, a great place for camping is a national park. Here is some information on the same.


Camping is a fun and adventurous exercise which people can indulge in with their friends and family. Sitting around the camp fire and enjoying stores, traveling through different terrain and helping each other out, these are some of the best memories a person takes with him from his camping trip. The best places to go camping are national parks. There are various such parks in N. America and a person can truly enjoy and explore with his or her companions. Thus there is something for everyone. National parks are a perfect place for camping.


Everyone enjoys camping with friends and family. It is an outdoor adventure which is best done with friends. It is also popular with various youth organizations and business team building associates. There are a range of activities a person could participate in while camping and this includes canoeing, mountain biking, and fishing. With camping, a person can work in a group and build stronger bonds while enjoying himself in the natural beauty.


Top National Parks for Camping

In North America, there are more than 10 national parks which are great for camping and relaxing with the family. The top parks are:

Yellowstone National Park: Spread over three states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming it has 3467 sq miles of geological sights and wonders along with beautiful natural wildlife as well.

Yoho National Park: This is in the Canadian Rockies and has numerous waterfalls.

Baniff National Park: This is also located in Canada and has beautiful scenery, forests, and glaciers along with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lake Louise.

Yosemite National Park: Located in California, it is great place to go camping. It covers a total of 1189 sq miles and is filled with amazing natural beauty.

Kluane National Park: This Park in Canada offers campers a host of features such as boating, hiking, and fishing glacier exploring. It is a perfect adventure for enthusiasts or for a normal camper.

The Grand Canyon National Park: Sprawled over 2000 miles there is a great deal to see and experience here; 1 mile deep and over 18 river miles long.

Olympic National Park: This beautiful national park in Washington will give you the opportunity to camp in a rain forest. This is due to the climate within the park. It is a great place for hikers and backpackers for their mountain trails and has amazing natural fauna and flora which stands out.