The Best Campgrounds in North Texas



Summary- The best campgrounds in North Texas are its state parks. There are more than 70 such parks that offer plenty of greenery and amenities for wonderful nights under the tents. These parks are open both in the summer and winter which means that you can plan a camping trip at any time of the year. They are also highly affordable.


Outdoor lovers should make a beeline for the North Texas camping grounds. It does not matter what the season is, be it summer or winter, North Texas campgrounds have something to offer campers all year around. What is also great about the Texan camping grounds is that currently there is a waiver for fishing licenses on the part of the government. So this year, in summer or in winter, make sure to you take your family along with your fishing gear to the North Texas camping grounds.


Camping Sites in North Texas

For starters, know that there are more 70 state parks in this region that are all excellent campgrounds. To name a few there is the Bonham State Park, Eisenhower State Park, Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Dinosaur Valley State Park. The highlights of all these parks are that they have ample space and facilities for many fun-filled activities. Most of these either have a natural body or at least a man-made lake.


You can play Frisbee, ball, engage in boating, swimming and fishing or just lounge around in the lush greenery of these parks. At some such sites you can also go horseback riding, mountain climbing and rock climbing to satiate your adventurous needs. What’s more, the bountiful trees and shade at the parks will make your forget a cramped city life. Indeed, food will never taste better than under the umbrella of trees at these sites!


While the above-mentioned parks make for great summer family retreats, if you are a winter person, you should not miss out on the Cedar Hill and the Cleburn State Parks. The beauty of these parks is that the facilities provided cover the camping requirements of both summer and winter. For winter camping trips, each of these parks has provided fire-rings where you can stoke a warm fire to roast marshmallows. The Cedar Hill has even afforded you water, electricity and restroom amenities so that you may not miss city comforts on cold nights.


Probably, the greatest beauty of all these North Texan camping grounds is that they are extremely affordable. At just $5 per day per person you can gain admission into the state parks. And if you pay an additional amount of around $20 you can camp for the night.


So the next time you plan a camping trip, do not forget North Texas and its beautiful state parks. Sleep a night in a Texan tent and you are sure to come back for encores every year!