Motor Home Camping in the Canadian Rockies- Takes You Back to Nature



Summary– Motor home camping in Canadian Rockies is a transformed experience today than what it was few decades ago, thanks to modern campervans and RVs. Several Canadian service providers are offering well equipped vehicles at great prices, making them the most popular form of outdoor camping today.


There are many amidst us who absolutely love the outdoors and prefer camping amongst nature rather than enjoy its beauty through TV or a travel magazine. For most nature lovers across the world, Canadian Rockies are an absolute “must see” in their list. The Canadian mountains are greatly known for their majestic views and therefore motor home camping is the most popular activity in Canadian national parks.


Camping is especially popular during the summer holidays which usually start around the first week of July and last up to first week of September. Various camping sites are open for prior reservations keeping the flux of tourists and campers in mind. This makes the experience completely, hassle free as well as highly affordable.


Why is Motor Home Camping so Very Popular?

Breathtaking natural beauty might be the biggest reason of course. Besides, who can possibly object to a great weekend with kids and grandparents amidst the majestic Rockies! Comfortable and modern campervans and RVs have transformed the way we think about outdoor camping these days. All the inconveniences such as safety issues, insect bites, surprise weather changes (nightly chills, sudden winds or rains) which were an earlier deterrent for small kids and the elderly which kept them away from enjoying the joys of camping, are all forgotten now. What we have now is a very attractive and comfortable holiday option for the whole family.


Top national reserves and nature parks of Canada such as Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay and Glacier National Park offer their prime grounds for home camping albeit with their rules and code of conduct list which is expected to be followed by every camper. There are many top notch service providers in the country who are most sought after by the tourists for their excellent offers. Camper rental agencies have large fleets of RVs, equipped with modern amenities and large enough for a family of four. Motor campers and campervans are provided for different budgets as well as family sizes. Moreover, there are great many offer and deals, along with fabulous rebates on the fuel prices and rentals for those customers who prefer advanced reservations.


The motor home camping experience is further enhanced by the roomy, comfortable, and sanitized vehicles which are complete with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, well stocked kitchen, refrigerator and clean beddings making them much cheaper, thrilling and way more adventurous to camp amidst the Rockies rather than a hotel room. It is no doubt an adventurous experience to park your motor home in a park near the Canadian Rockies and take short hikes to explore the surrounding terrain. An early morning trek to see the sun rise over the mountains can be an ethereal experience for all.