How to Prepare for A Trip to California’s Channel Island National Park



Summary: The best way to enjoy a camping trip is plan for it. The first thing that you need to do before heading out to the marvelous Channel Island National Park in California is to make a thorough research. This could inspire you in writing your itinerary and guide you on the things that you need to bring.

Plan the ultimate coastal experience in your life in Channel Island National Park in California. This national park boasts an ocean environment like no other; there are five islands to explore each with different habitats that is preserved and protected by the state of California. The islands namely Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, San Miguel and Santa Rosa are included in the sights to experience. See for yourselves the unique species of plants, animals and other natural resources this park has. If you are an environmentalist or a nature enthusiast then you would definitely enjoy camping in Channel Island. Experience the old California on your visit. The national park is open all year round but the schedule of visits in every island is different so it would be best to check the schedule with the park rangers before planning your trip.

How to Plan a Camping Trip

Planning a trip is a fun and exciting thing to do. Not only will you have a lot of things to look forward to, you will also have a good time preparing for your trip such as listing your itinerary and the things that you need to bring.

The goal of camping is to experience the natural habitat of the place you are planning to visit. This means that you only need to bring the essentials. Only bring the stuff that you need to help you survive your camping experience.

The basic things that you need to bring is your sturdy and lightweight tent, water canisters, medicine kit which will include an insect repellent, flashlight with a spare battery pack, change of clothes, swimming attire, sunblock and your campfire cooking utensils. You might also want to bring a camera, an underwater camera would be the best one to bring.

Also do not forget to ask for a map from the local park rangers. Remember to study the map before you head out for an adventure. The Channel Island National Park is a very big place; it would be really dangerous if you get lost.

A very wise thing to do is to make a thorough research about the park, go to their official website or watch a documentary to get you informed about the things you would like to discover before drafting your itineraries. Lastly, always remember to never leave a mark such as your trash and avoid vandalism especially on rocks or inside the caves.