East Coast National Park of USA: Different Camping Sites



Summary: The National Park located in the eastern coast of America hosts some of the most popular and beautiful camping sites of the nation. Travelling through Carolina and Virginia, you can explore innumerous campsites in the region. Some of the most popular camping sites of the region include the Fort Sumter, Colonial National Historical Park, and many others.

Touring the national preserves and the state parks located along the eastern coast of the United States is probably the best thing that you can do to embrace and explore the diverse and divine beauty of the region. The East Coast National Park of USA boasts some of the most scenic and beautiful campsites. The sites are a place to be in summer for your camping endeavors. Whether you have been to the Eastern Coast National Park before or are a new visitor, there are plenty of surprises always in stock for every one.

Camping sites in the East Coast National park:-

While you can tour the eastern coast though any possible route of your choice, the most preferred way is to travel through South Carolina and Virginia. Following are the camping grounds and various other ‘must-see’ sites located in the East Coast National Park:-

1)      Fort Sumter:-

South Carolina is the best way of beginning your journey through to the eastern coast. The Fort Sumter located in South Carolina is the best possible starting point for every Civil War enthusiast. The Charleston harbor, Fort Moultrie and the Patriot Point are a treat to watch. Here, you can also find Ranger-guided tours and ferries.

2)      Cape Lookout National Seashore:-

Enroute the Eastern Coast National Park, you can explore the amazing campsites of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Located near the Beaufort region of North Carolina, the seashore offers you a scenic Atlantic coast. Camping in this region can be extremely fun and thrilling.  Boating is the prime recreational activity that you can undertake. You can also sail out to the famous Barrier islands.

3)      Charles Pinckney National Historic Site:-

Apart from its lush green and charming plantations, this camping ground is also popular as the former home of Mr. Charles Pinckney, the US Representative who also signed the American Constitution. The site also reflects the contribution of Mr. Pinckney to the history of America. The most famous campground of this region is the Myrtle Beach.

4)      Colonial National Historical Park:-

This park is nothing less than a Southern Virginian coastal memorial. This campground is particularly famous for its historical significance. The site encompasses innumerous historical remains, breathtaking surroundings, lighthouses, etc.

5)      Other sites:-

The list of camping grounds in the eastern coast goes on and on.  The Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Fort Raleigh and the Kill Devil Hill are worth a visit too. You can explore the unique beauty of the Barrier islands at the Cape Hatteras and climb the famous Kill Devil Hill. The surroundings are simply bewitching.