Boondock Camping Can be Fun if You Play it Right



Summary- Boondock camping is also known as dry camping or overnight parking. This is because such camping trips involve parking an RV and spending a night in it without water and other basic amenities. Such camping trips can also be made fun if you are careful to choose the right site, be discreet with your doings, remain well-equipped and go along with a friend.


Boondocking was never an attractive prospect for campers. However, off late, this has become a common way to camp overnight for those who want some out-of-course camping trips and a bit of adventure. On the whole, understand that if you boondock carefully, you can actually convert your camping trip into fun-filled and safe hours. Here is a look at what boondock camping is all about.


What is Boondock Camping

If the word boondock is confounding you, know that it is nothing but dry camping. It is also sometimes known as overnight or independent parking because typically on such trips you would park your RV and rest in it for a night. Up till now what was not pleasing about boondock camping was the fact that on such trips you will have to do without water and other usual amenities found at campsites.


However, with mind-sets changing and people turning out to be more experimental, boondock camping is slowly becoming a fashion today. Campers understand that if they use their common sense and facilities to be found around prudently, they can certainly turn their boring parking lot nights into fun ones. That said if you want to truly make a memorable night out of a boondock camping trip you must keep certain factors in mind.

Firstly, it is important that you pick the site wisely. Look for well-lit areas with reasonable foot traffic. Ensure that there is enough space for parking a vehicle as large as the RV. Also, check for no-parking signs and avoid them at all costs. As important as it is to find a good parking site, it is also vital that you arrive at the place before sunlight fades away. Obviously, you do not have access to electricity. Therefore, make sure that you finish all mapping, familiarization with surroundings and other RV-related chores before sundown. Since you do not have electricity, carry flashlights and enough batteries with you.


Importantly, be discreet when you park. Many parking lots do not want you to spread yourself over many days. So, do not display that you are living in the RV. In this regard, do not invite strangers and wanderers to have a peek into you van with your doings unless you want some.


Finally, remember that there is always safety in numbers. Hence, find a partner to camp out the night with. This will not only give you company in loneliness but will also provide you support when in need.