The Top RV Camping Parks in North America



Summary: There are many families in North America who love an outdoor vacation. Travelling together in an RV camper is not only great fun but helps you manage your vacation budget keeping it to a minimum. The loveliest and most scenic places in the country are accessible by campers where one can experience the great outdoors without spending much.


Most landmark national parks in the country are best visited in RV campervans which make the experience a thrilling one. There are many beautiful and scenic spots which can be visited without much planning as traveling in a camper is flexible and time is your own. Take for instance the Yellowstone National Park. Within the area lies the Yellowstone Montana, Madison Arm resort lying at a distance of 8 miles outside the park. This is a much more peaceful and quiet area away from the regular crowds that throng the park. The eye catcher in this place is Lake Hegben which is great for swimming and fishing.


Nestled in the vicinity of Canyon Lands National Park, Moab is the squaw flat campground in Utah. Once a home to Indians, this area is famous for its rock formations and Indian rock paintings sandstone pillars. The immaculate landscape as you drive along the US191 takes you all the way into the park. The views are breathtaking and an unforgettable experience. You can also make a hiking trip to Chesler Park.


The only national park in New England, MT Desert Narrows Camping Resort is located in Bar Harbor Maine. You can park your RV in the Mt Desert Narrows section which gives you panoramic views of the ocean. The pristine 740 acre lake lying in the Patten pond area is good for water sports and outdoor activities like canoeing and biking. You can even catch a glimpse of whales which frequent the area.


Alaska is Home to the Historic RV Park Fairbanks

When traveling to Alaska a fully equipped RV is the best way to beat a budget. The lonely state is famous for the river’s edge RV Park in Fairbanks; a historic area well known for its Indian villages and mining towns. When traveling to the famous Alaskan highway this would be an ideal stopover. If you are adventurous enough to make an RV trip during the winter months, then Tunnel Mountain campground in Canada is the perfect spot. Situated in Canada’s Banf national park one gets an amazing view of the great Rockies while making snow mobile trips in the area. You can also enjoy a number of activities like biking and hiking. You should also make it a point to visit the hot springs famous in the area.


Traveling in RVs is no doubt adventurous and a visit to these places makes any trip a memorable one. All you need is a good camper RV well stocked with basic amenities and you’re all set to have a great time with the family.