The Five Most Popular Camping Parks in North America



Summary: Camping in North America is a widespread activity where many American families love a lazy adventure vacation in an RV. Camping gives one the opportunity to experience the wildness and the beauty of nature. Planned tours come with a lot of rules whereas a camping vacation is a flexible and fun thing where you could just go or do as you please in your own time.


North America has more than 350 national parks, each as famous as the other hosting every aspect of nature in all its wild beauty. Some of these parks are popular holiday destinations where frequent visitors can be seen camping out in the open enjoying the many outdoor activities the park has to offer.


The Five most Visited Places

  1. Rocky Knob campground lies near the 167 mile marker on the Blue Ridge parkway. Your campsite will offer you panoramic scenes of the mountain ridges lining the east coast. Home to many a countryman, craftsmen and mill workers, Rocky Knob also has its own entertainment. Local folk arrange a hoedown every Friday evening, so bring your dancing shoes along. Mabry Mill is worth a stopover being the most famous attraction of the park.
  2. There is no better park for RV camping than Yosemite Pines RV Park in California. Open throughout the year, the park gives campers a unique rugged outdoor experience. Being gold country it has an interesting history being the place of prospecting and panning, where campers usually try their luck panning for gold.


Black Hills Near Mount Rushmore is Home to the Crazy Horse Memorial

  1. There are many who still frequent Mount Rushmore. Lying at the base of the mountain is the Black Hills national forest. Within the area is the Horse Thief Lake campground. Head up to the Crazy Horse Memorial bigger than all four heads on Mt Rushmore or simply enjoy a day of horse riding and fishing.
  1. Natural air-conditioning and scenic waterfalls can be found in Rifle Falls state park located near Denver in Colorado. The lush greenery and vegetation keeps the park cool with water sprays from the triple waterfall situated alongside Rifle Creek. Campers can explore natural limestone caverns behind the falls. Tent and RV campsites are 13 in total where people can also stay accessible to remote areas to stay along the creek.
  1. Situated in Bar Harbor Maine is New England’s only campground being Mt Desert Narrows camping resort. Visitors are rewarded with a scenic ocean view along the campsite. On a sunny day campers throng the huge 740 acre lake for water thrills like canoeing, fishing and water skiing. You can even get a glimpse of whales that inhabit the ocean area.


Most campsites have wooden tables, benches and even grills provided by park authorities for use of campers. There is no better way for experiencing a fun filled family vacation than a camping trip in any of these parks.