Camping in the Central Oregon Coast Campgrounds



Summary: Camping by the beach is like killing two birds with one stone, especially if you love the beach and roughing it outdoors. You can do water activities and camping activities at the same time. Central Oregon Coast Campgrounds is the place for you, if you want to experience an ultimate camping or beach trip to remember.


If you are a fan of the beach and you want to try out camping, the place to go to is the Central Oregon Coast Campgrounds. It is one of the state parks located in Oregon and it is one of the most accessible campgrounds there is. It is protected and managed by the state of Oregon, so you can be rest assured that camping here is safe. It is located near a beautiful coastal beach that you would surely enjoy.


Activities to Look Forward to in the Coast Campgrounds

The campgrounds is a well-managed state park, that is why if you do not have an itinerary you can ask a friendly park ranger to guide you on the activities you can do while you are inside the campgrounds. However it is well recommended that you plan your own things to do for the ultimate camping experience.


As mentioned above, the camp is located near a coastal beach, so a lot of activities will be concentrated around swimming and other water activities. Recreational activities such as fishing, boating, snorkeling and even surfing can be enjoyed here. There are also a lot of tours being offered around the camp grounds. So be sure to ask for the schedules beforehand. The tours are perfect for hiking and exploring the wonderful resources that the coast of Oregon has to offer.


As a camping site, other activities you can look forward to are of course, camping. You can bring your camp gear and you can pitch a tent on the designated camping grounds. You can build campfires and you can enjoy a glorious night at the camp, roasting marshmallows and exchanging ghost stories with your friends or family by the beach. You can also cook your own food using your camping cooking equipment to really experience camping in the wilderness.


Things to Bring in the Coast Campgrounds

Camping gear are essential for you to enjoy your trip. The things you need to bring if you are planning to camp in the coastal beach are your basic camping gear such as your tent, cot, source of light, source of fire for your cooking and making bonfires, water canisters, and medicine kit. And do not forget your swimming gear, such as your swimsuits and sunscreen. Make a checklist of all the things you need to bring and before loading them up in your vehicle, try to mark it off on your list so that you would not forget anything.