Camping in National Parks of North America



Summary: National parks in North America provide campers and adventure seekers with the thrills of biking, hiking, climbing and camping. Just relaxing outside your RV among the natural beauty of outdoor surroundings is enough to have a memorable experience.


From the awesome Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, traveling the great outdoors of North America can be an experience of a life time. One gets to witness both the beauty and bizarre sides of natural phenomena. Instead of planning a tour, it would be best to travel on your own in an RV. If you do not own one, you could also hire one from the many rentals available. Nothing will give your family a more pleasurable experience than an adventure vacation on your own where flexibility and costs are decided by you.


If you are living close to Wyoming, then America’s most popular park made famous by the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” is well worth a visit. Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park is sprawled over a huge area and is a hiker’s paradise. Intriguing rock formations and camping among dense woods takes you back to nature. The nearby Madison Arm resort is a quieter getaway for those not keen on facing crowds in the park.


National Park Services and Camping Provisions to Consider

North America’s national park service has 392 registered parks allowing campers to park RVs in the open. Park authorities also provide lodging and camping facilities for those not up to staying outdoors. Admission costs for a park is a nominal 25 USD per vehicle. A land pass costing 80 USD gives you access to all of the country’s national parks.


Before you embark on your journey, you should make sure your RV is stocked with all basic amenities. Some RV’s may cater for sleeping provisions to about two or three persons. If you are a family of four you will need sleeping bags and camping mattresses for accommodation of extra persons. A tent is also preferable. Basic items like water, toiletries and insect repellent should be carried and not forgetting a first aid kit.


Driving through the parks like the Grand Canyon will give you panoramic views of the surrounding area. Wrangell St Elias National Park in Alaska is the country’s largest park even bigger than the area of Switzerland. Famed for its rugged terrain, it is well worth a visit; in fact there are still inhabitants in the park who have been living off the terrain for several years. The park is an adventure of a lifetime where driving along the Edgerton highway to historic Chitin, one enjoys a splendid view of some of the highest peaks in the country.


One important factor to keep in mind while planning a camping trip is the season and the weather. Summer of curse is the most preferred season while winter sports and adventure can best be enjoyed in places like Canada’s RV Park in Fairbanks in the winter season.