Revolutionary Trends in backpacking and Rock Climbing Equipment


: Rock climbing, mountaineering and outdoor activities have been into existence since ages. However, as the modernization began, the trends began to change. These were widely accepted by every climber due to the comfort levels and ease.

It is the ultra-light climbing century now. With backpacking that is lite and handy, today the world has witnessed many changing trends in the climbing gear. These are not only fashionable, trendy but also quite confortable, handy and convenient to use.

The Ultra-Modern backpacking Gear

Today’s backpacking includes sleeping bags, tarp tents, head lamps that stuff down to small and confortable means. These backpacks are weightless and just the opposite of the vintage backpacks. It is the 21st Century and the latest trend in the camping and outdoor world is to carry fleece booties and food that is freeze-dried. Newest designs blended with indestructible fabric are the most used gear which can be seen in bulletproof vests. They not only weigh as light as 20 pounds but also are a contrast to the loaded backpacks of old days.

Today, light weight backpacking is the most in-fashion and in demand climbing gear used by climbers worldwide. This is because one can travel and climb faster with light weight on their back.

Sleeping Bags

The trendy ones can be mistaken for air pillows as they weigh not more than one pound and can be easily crumbled up to a small football sized bag.

Outdoor Jackets

A waterproof and silicone-impregnated jacket made of nylon weighs only eight ounces and can be easily compressed into the size of a small ball.

Shoes and Boots

For all the outdoor buffs, shoes form an integral part of their gear. Today there are many companies who have introduced light weight boots and shoes that stick firmly on to the ground and can survive slippery conditions. This way, the load of additional special boots is laid off.


With the increasing number of climbing enthusiasts today, the need for good and high quality harnesses has also increased. Today, there are harnesses that are made from leather and have leg loops and a waist belt to hold the climber firmly. These harnesses are also light in weight as the buckles that hold them are made up of light-weight aluminum materials.

Minimalistic yet Modern Approach

Today, climbers look for the most light weighted and small in size equipment and gears for their backpacking. However, with modernization soaring high, climbers also include small cd players, I pods, collapsible chairs, grillers etc. The ideology of “less is more” is catching eye of many outdoor enthusiasts.

The approach that is being used by the climbing enthusiasts of the 21st century is being light weighted and keeping lot of things handy in order to survive all kinds of conditions when climbing. Thus, the down bags and backpacking is made up of synthetic material which is quite light and full of pockets to hold a multitude of safety equipment.