A Survival Guide to the Types of Jungles in Tropical Region



Summary: The jungles in Tropical region are not the same. They vary in terms of climatic conditions, prevalence of water, dryness, greenery and trees, plantation, crops and lot more. Landing in such tropical region jungles might give an individual a hard time, unless you have a basic understanding of these jungles and the survival techniques.

A jungle in the tropical region can be a dense forest with giant trees and or even bushes and smaller trees. There are varied types of jungles in the tropical region and to survive in these jungles is a task of courage and knowledge. It is highly essential to develop a deep understanding of the different types of jungles, their natural surroundings and the techniques to survive if you land in the middle of nowhere. It could be a plane crash or a trekking act where you got lost or may be any reason. Knowing the right way to help your own self is very important.

Varied Kinds of Tropical Region Jungles

Primitive Jungle: It is a dense form of jungle with a multitude of trees that cover a minimum area of 30 meters. These trees form a dorm shape giving the jungle a complete view of being dense. These jungles, though scary, have less number of bushes and are quite easy to cross over.

Secondary Jungle: Immense number of bushes, cultivable glade and abandoned spaces make the secondary jungle. In due course of time, this jungle transforms itself into a bushy place which is highly difficult to cross.

Cultivable Jungles: More than half of the land in the tropical region is cultivable. One can find crops and plantation like tea, coconuts, rubber and more. These are quite accessible jungles with people living who can help you while you are lost.

Dry Jungles: These are majorly pigeon-holed by stunted vegetation and they are usually damp in nature. There are very less occurrences of finding trails, human beings or even landmarks to be guided with. This leads to a dangerous situation.

Whatever be the situation you are in, finding a cross over idea or an opportunity is the most vital thing to come out of this messy jungle situation. If you are armed with an accurate compass to find yourself the directions, life becomes little easier. Tropical regions are inhabited with people and so finding human help is also easy, unless you find yourself among people who do not understand the language. Carrying a machete along is again a great relief.

The greatest dangers in tropical region jungles are not animals or reptiles but the varied kinds of bugs and insects. Hence, keeping yourself protected and carrying enough amount of first aid is highly essential to survive in these regions. Tropical regions vary from densely populated thick forests to beautiful pastures to mangroves to swamps and even semi-arid zones. Keeping in track of the basic necessities of survival like the food, shelter and clothing will help you survive to a great extent.