Wilderness Survival: 4 Basic Things You Should Know


Summary: If you are planning to go for a camping trip in the wild, learning some basic survival techniques would help you.

Are you planning a trip to the wild? Do you know the necessary techniques to survive in the unknown woods? There are some basic survival techniques that help you sustain the camping trip outside. There are a lot of things that you should be aware of. However, the most basic thing in a danger is not to panic. You do not use your presence of mind and practice the basic techniques in all kinds of adverse situations.

Basic survival techniques

  1. Starting a fire: The most essential thing while camping outside is the knowledge to start a fire. It is used to cook food, boil and purify water, provide comfort and light during a cold night, keep away predators, act as signal rescuers, and such other things. Before venturing into the wilderness, you should know at least two methods to make a fire. A few small fires prove more beneficial than a larger single one. You need to collect ample amount of firewood so that the source of fuel is also plenty. If you have a space blanket then you can make a reflector from it and keep it on the back of the tent. It will reflect the heat from the fire and keep your back warm through the night.
  2. Creating a shelter: While in the wild; you need to have a proper shelter to keep yourself safe from snow, rain or cold. You should always take adequate clothes with you while camping outside. Take proper clothes in case there is rain. You need to keep your body dry. The best option is to take layers. These trap the air inside and keep you warm. If you do not have a proper campsite then you should build a shelter. If there is any dampness near the shelter, use a space blanket.
  3. First Aid method: You should know the basic first aid techniques, so that if there is any accident, you can attend to it without being tensed. Take a first aid kit with you along with emergency medicines.
  4. Water and food: These are the vital things to survive in the wild. You need to arrange for plenty of drinking water. The camping site should be near a healthy water body. If it is not possible, you need to take water with you and ration its intake. You should not experiment eating herbs or plants you do not know. It is better to take extra amount of food and water while you are camping. You can pack energy bars so that in adverse weather you do not remain hungry. It is necessary to boil water for at least 10 minutes if you are on a height that is 1000 feet above the sea level. use-flare-gun-1