Tropical Forests – Where Danger is a Way of Life



Summary: Everything can be dangerous in the tropical forests. The tree saps, the plants, the insects, the reptiles, the animals, and the weather – everything is dangerous. The tropical forests are the perfect example of beauty with danger.

The tropical rainforests are one of God’s most amazing creations. For ages, man has gone back to these forests to satisfy their adventure thirst. Many a books have been written; many a movies have been made. However, the tropical climate is not suitable for all. In the past, numerous men have died of disease and lack of water, fire, and shelter. Although modern technology and new travel equipment has made the journey comparatively safe, still danger lurks at every nook and corner of these forests. Deadly reptiles, vicious insects, dangerous animals, and poisonous plants and fruits make life difficult for anyone.

Dangers that lurk…

Beauty mixed with danger has always been man’s most favored platter. But be careful, be equipped. High humidity and moisture and incessant rains makes everything around you damp and pale. The food goes stale, the water contaminates. How do you survive? Here, we won’t talk about survival strategies but the various dangers that might befall.

The first and the foremost thing would be sickness. It is very difficult to adapt to tropical climates until and unless you are a local. Mosquitoes carrying yellow fever and malaria are the biggest threat. Take appropriate vaccinations before you travel to these parts. Local food and water may not suit you too. Make sure the food and water is always fresh. Carry plenty of bottled water. Animals, insects, and reptiles are also a danger. Although the animals won’t ever go out of their way to hunt you down (like in the movies), however, they might attack in self-defense.

Venomous snakes, frogs, and scorpions find shelter in your boots and clothes. You will definitely meet the blood-sucking leeches. Itch creams and insect repellants are a must here. Pray to God that you are not bitten by the deadly snakes. Even the weather produces dangerous conditions. The rains wash out roads and the water level rises dramatically. March and April are the most dreaded months for the travel enthusiasts.

Some of the dangerous plants in tropical regions especially the Amazon are the Stinging Tree and the Lawyer Vine. The Stinging Tree is seen most on red soil. Its heart-shaped leaves have very fine poisonous hair that can cause severe irritation and unbearable pain. The hair penetrates the skin and cause the irritation. The Lawyer Vine is a prickly plant with hook-like spines. They are climbing plants and can attach to almost anything. Stay away from all kinds of tree saps.