Tips for Building a Shelter for Survival in a Wooded Area




People, who lost in a wooded area, can readily build their shelter using available wood materials in a wooded area. Use your canvas for outer cover. You can collect dry leaves for lighting night for keeping the insects and wild animals away.

Surviving in a wooded area is tricky. You need to carry survival equipment when on tour to unknown places like forests, deserts etc. You can include water bottles, canvas, food, knife, head lights, ropes, woolen coats etc. in your travel gear. It will offer protection from cold weather, hot weather etc. in snow covered areas and in deserts. If you happened to be lost in a wooded area, a quick shelter can be built using available materials in the forest area.

Choose safe area for building a shelter

You are advised to choose an area, which is free from insects and the danger of wild animals. Stay away from foot slopes of the hills. Flash floods may occur. You should not choose top of the hill for your shelter. You may suffer from chilled weather. You are advised to choose an area that offers protection from animals and weather.

You can choose caves in a wooded area to offer protection from wild animals. Make sure that it is free from insects and snakes like viper etc. It offers readymade shelter and saves your energy.

You can choose ditches for your shelter for protection from wind. You are likely to suffer from wet conditions if rains are likely.

In the absence of both the above, you can easily make your own shelter with the help of timber. You can use the knife to collect tree branches from the nearby trees and make a shelter through joining two adjacent trees. You need to put dead leaves or freshly cut leaves above branches. It offers a temporary shelter. You can also close on all the sides with leaves. It provides protection from heat during day and chilled weather in the night.

You can also build a shelter using bent trees. You can collect tree branches and cover on all sides leaving the small entrance. You can put dead leaves free from insects for cushion. You can comfortably sleep in such a shelter.

You can also make a shelter under the trees that has bush type leaves. You just need to use your canvas to cover all the sides. It offers readymade shelter.

Building a shelter in snow filled wooded area

You can dig a hole in the snow and cover it with dry leaves. You can also put dry materials if any with you to offer necessary warmth. Now put the canvas to provide top layer. It offers temporary protection from cold winds.