Some Basic Wilderness Survival Skills You Should Know



Summary- Wilderness survival skills are a must for those who thrive outdoors. These skills will help you to fulfill the four basic needs of living in wilderness namely, warmth, water, food and sleep. Some wilderness survival skills that you must learn are finding a suitable shelter, food and water, creating fire, signaling, navigating, predicting the weather and administering first aid.

If you are the outdoor type who loves hiking, riding, fishing and hunting, then you must learn some basic wilderness survival skills that will get you out of any emergency when in the nature’s lap. Here is some basic wilderness survival skills that you must know outlined for you.

Know these Basic Wilderness Survival Skills

When you are faced with an emergency situation in the middle of nowhere, the thumb rule is not to panic. Instead, if you condition your mind to maintain a strong will to survive, then half your battles are won already. Also, remember that four basic needs of living in wilderness are warmth, water, food and sleep. If you can arrange for these even without having things that city-dwellers are accustomed to, then know that the other half of the battle is won too.

To maintain warmth, you should know how to find or make a shelter and importantly create fire. For shelter purposes, choose a dry ground reasonably away from water and close enough to firewood. Ensure that the shelter you find or make is strong enough to withstand robust winds. For building a fire, understand that you need dry wood, tinder and kindling. If you have a matchstick nothing could be better, but if you have run out of it, learn how to strike a fire with the flint striker.

When you set out to locate water on your hiking trip, prefer rivers or running streams. Do not be enchanted by green pools and still waters no matter how thirsty you are. Even when you collect water from running sources, be sure to boil it or better still to use purification tablets from your survival kit. As for food, try to make the most of what is available around you right from the wild plants to fish, meat and even insects. Bird eggs are also a great option. However, unless you are an adept at hunting, your best choice would be to look for wild plants and fruits whose knowledge you should have beforehand.

Other than these basic needs, it also pays if you know how to signal for help using fire and/or mirrors. In this regard you should know the SOS signaling technique that is understandable to one and all. Finally, learn how to navigate, to predict the weather and to administer basic first aid if needed.

If you learn all these survival skills, rest assured that on your next camping trip your fourth basic need of wilderness survival i.e. sleep will be completely taken care of!