Practical Wilderness Survival Skills



Summary: If you are planning a trip in the wilderness then knowing some basic survival tips that would make the days safe and enjoyable.

Are you planning an outdoor trip with friends or families? To be a wildlife survival all the outdoor enthusiasts should have good knowledge and basic camping skills. They should also carry some essential outdoor kit.

Essential skills needed to survive in the woods are as follows:

  1. You should know how to navigate. During the time of emergency of rescuing a person or yourself, one needs to know the proper way of signaling. You should know how to find your way at night or during the time of wind or storm. You should keep torches, whistles, flash light flags, and such other things with you.
  2. You also need to learn how to start and keep a fire. Fire helps in many ways. Apart from keeping the wild animals away, you can also keep yourself warm, purify water by boiling it, and cook food. For making a fire, you should have a good collection of dry wood and other necessary things.
  3. A simple shelter is needed to protect yourself from wind, rain, heat, and storm. You should keep all the essential clothes that would make you comfortable in that particular environment.
  4. You should have prior knowledge on where to get food and water. You should also know about all the edible fruits and small plants. Also keep some preservative and packed food with you. Know how to handle the plants and how to fish, trap animals, and also, to make a delicious dinner.
  5. You should always carry a first aid kit box and medicine kit with you.
  6. Keep rocks, branches, and vines with you for safety. All these things work well as a substitute for knife, hammer, club, and so on.
  7. You should also know how to manage and save yourself if the camping site is within vicinity of wildlife. In case you come face to face with one such predator, do not hesitate to either run away or climb up a tree to protect yourself, though it is not always the best solution.
  8. Learn to distinguish between pure and impure water. Always sterilize the impure water by boiling it.
  9. In case you are lost, do not panic. Instead think, observe and decide what to do and perform.

Wilderness is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. But it is not a thing to avoid. So, always remain calm and observe so that no mistake can take place. Apply all the practicable knowledge of these survival skills so that you can make your adventure joyful.