Modern Equipment for Indoor Rock Climbing



Summary: Indoor climbing is a fun sport that is conducted in a controlled environment under the supervision of experts. There are special indoor climbing gyms which offer such facilities for the people who love this sport. There are various types of stylish and functional indoor climbing equipment available these days.

If you are an indoor rock climber, you wouldn’t need the high tech gear actually carried by the professionals. You can even do with the clothes and equipment that are usually rented out by the indoor gyms that you are associated with. Even if you are wearing comfortable yoga clothes, knee length shorts or capris, it would mostly suffice.  If you are just a beginner, it is recommended that you start with the rented equipment available with your local gym. It will give you a firsthand idea about which gear is most suitable for your body structure and climbing needs.

Types of Indoor Climbing Gear

The most basic indoor climbing gear is a harness. Selecting a right harness will ensure good performance and an enhanced safety during expedition. They give you an easy, convenient and natural way to balance your entire body on the rock. Most of these harnesses are lightweight without any frills. They would have a waist belt which can be adjusted according your waist size. The leg loops are designed in such a way that it will allow to release and move your legs effortlessly.

The locking carabiner is used to attach the belay equipment with your harness. Carabiners are available in either non locking or locking form. Made of aluminum, they can be operated with a single hand without losing the grip or balance.  They are quite lightweight but designed to tolerate a high intensity shock force. It works on a fairly simple tension system that can connect your belay device nicely and tightly with the harness. Usually the locking carabiner size varies from a super mini 1.2 ounce to a giant 3.7 ounce. They can carry about 5 to 25 kg weight easily.

For indoor climbing, you also need to have a chalk and chalk bag which will keep your fingers and palms dry. This way you can avoid slipping.  The climbing shoes for indoor gyms are comparatively less specialized designs than the outdoor climbing shoes. The former have a firm rubber sole extending up to the toe. When you wear indoor rock climbing shoes, you should feel comfortable and not feel any pain in your feet. Crimper, knob, jib, handle are some of the popular indoor rock climbing holds that you can choose. A modern indoor rock climbing is comfortable and lightweight.