Know the Skills to Signal for Help in Extreme Cold


Cold Smoke 01

Summary: Being stranded in the middle of nowhere in extreme climate is one situation that can leave you in a myriad of questions. You never know when such a situation might hit you and so it is always good to know the survival methods and ways to signal for help when stuck in extreme cold climatic condition.

Extreme cold climatic conditions come with a lot more than you can actually think of. By knowing the survival techniques, methods and mannerisms to send signals, you can not only save your life but also of the others who are stuck in this trouble with you.

How to Signal For Help

1. Understand the basics of survival first. These are the foremost things that you would need when stuck in such situations. They are food, water, warmth, shelter and signaling. By preparing yourself with the basic knowledge and skills, you will be well prepared and primed to deal with the climatic elements.

2. Evaluate your surroundings and check if there are other people who are stuck in the similar situation like yours. By knowing your surroundings, you would be able to determine how you would find the sources and the resources that will help you to give signals about your presence. Clearings, examining the terrain, a water source, rocks, caves, big trees, dry sticks, bamboo etc. are some of the things you might find for yourself.

3. Try your best to stay warm. In colder climatic conditions, the factor of warmth is extremely important. This becomes even more an urgency if the night is nearing and to survive, you need to stay warm.

4. Immediately try to look for a roof over your head or you may even build one with the twigs, leaves or broken branches. Remember, the area you choose should be visible from a far off distance.

5. Try your best to build a fire. It is an arduous task without match sticks. However, if you wear glasses or find pieces of glass nearby, you may use them to magnify the sun rays onto the dry leaves. You may also rub a stick and a piece of bark or flat wood between your hands, which will create a small spark. Use it instantly on in a small pile of twigs.

7. Fire and smoke are the essential elements of signaling. Find objects that reflect light like mirrors, metal pieces, belt buckles or glass. Send out signals even if you feel that they might go unnoticed.

It is always advisable to be well prepared for such severe cold climatic conditions. You may also want to keep a whistle or two in your backpack always. This way, you can send signals instantly to receive help from the nearby sources when in you are in despair.