How to Survive in the Desert Terrain



Summary: Surviving in the desert is not a tough task if you have the basic know-how of the terrain first and the survival techniques. This not only helps you to survive in the desert conditions but also will give you an opportunity to help others who are stranded along with you.

Being well prepared with an adequate knowledge of survival skills is always a necessity. You never know when you would land on an island stranded in the middle of nowhere. By knowing the ways to find the basic survival needs, you can help yourself easily.

Food & Water

  • A deserted island is surrounded by water entirely. However, it is unsafe to drink because it is salt water.
  • Boiled (if you have access to fire) or rain or running water on the island or fresh water from coconuts, plants or fruits are good options.
  • Remember the location of running water and try to collect some. Rain water can also be collected by building a container from coconut, leaves or wood.
  • Fish can be consumed quite safely, alongside bugs, seaweeds, birds, animals, fruits, plants, coconuts, crabs or snakes. However, cook before you eat.
  • Identify the poisonous food. If you find no reactions or rashes when you holding it for 15 minutes close to your tongue, rub it on the skin or chew and find no taste of bitterness or soapy.

Shelter and Protection

  • Torrential cloudbursts, unfriendly animals, hurricanes and sun are some of the factors why you need shelter and protection. Building a temporary one first and then begin building the permanent.
  • First, find two thick branches forming “Y.” Dig down to at least two feet and firmly place the branches about 10 feet apart. Support the branches with additional ones for the sides by leaving a little opening at one end. Let it not face the ocean. Tie it up with vines and cover them with leaves. Also, cover the floor with leaves.
  • An uninhabited cave is a great choice for protection, more during harsh storms, sun or cold.


  • Fire is quite important as it helps to keep you warm, cooking food, boiling water and the smoke is a great signaling device.
  • You may make fire by using dry tinder from the shell of coconuts, dry twigs or leaves and dry branches.
  • You may also use glass or lens to magnify the sun.
  • Use the fire plow method to make fire. A soft wooden base with a middle dip and a hard wooden shaft will help to plow the hardwood. This act creates a commotion in the excess wood particles and catches fire eventually. You may also try to rub two sticks to generate fire. It takes a few hours before you get successful.