What You Should Have Inside Your Wilderness Survival Kit



Summary: Going out to the great outdoors entails a lot of preparations. In line with this, you should have a proper survival kit on hand at all times and this article serves as a guide on what you should put inside that kit.


You may be very excited for your next outdoor trip wherein you will cut yourself from civilization and just be in one with nature. But aside from excitement please also be properly prepared for the trip so that you can still come back in great shape. First off, you should be mentally and physically prepared. If you are not used to walking for miles and under the scorching heat of the sun, then you must train yourself first. Because really, you wouldn’t survive if you are not prepared and that is the simplest thing you will do. So exercise, eat healthy food, and be prepared to not have Internet access or signal for your mobile phone. Also, you should prepare a survival kit that will help you survive your whole ordeal.

Preparing Your Kit

·         The most basic things that you can bring are flashlight, matches, first aid kit, compass, rope, mirror, candle, paper and pencil, knife, whistle, and even a garbage bag.

·         Before putting stuff inside your kit, you should take note of the weather or the season on which you will most likely travel.

·         If you are going on a trip during winter then the most basic things you can bring are warm clothes, flares, and blankets.

·         If you are on a fishing trip or hunting trip then make sure to wear the proper clothes and bring the basic materials that you will need in order to catch a fish or hunt your prey.

·         Also, be sure to wear proper footwear. Accidents mostly occur when people tend to wear the wrong footwear whenever they are outdoors. Never wear flip flops or any footwear with light materials. Remind yourself that you will go on a rough terrain and you shoes must be able to go along that path. It will also assure that you will be more comfortable during your walk, or maybe, even run.

·         Make sure to bring medicine for tummy aches, headaches, or even toothaches. It is also highly advisable to bring medication for diarrhea and nausea.

·         Bring food that is not perishable. Some examples are dried meat and fish, trail mixes, and others that are easy to carry and will not spoil easily.

·         If you are going to use a car and go to a remote area. It is suggested to always bring a spare tire, and any other tools that might help you just in case you get into car troubles.