What Benefits Modern Rock Climbing/ Backpacking Equipment offer?




The modern navigational gadgets including GPS and altimeter allow you to travel smoothly and safely. You can also carry shelter, water, head lights etc. for comfortable stay.

New Technologies and techniques have allowed manufacturers to offer latest climbing and backpacking apparatus. In the olden days, you need to depend on maps for finding route. Nowadays, you can get GPS enabled gadgets and devices to guide your travel. It shows shortest and longest routes. You can take cues from both maps and GPS to find the best route for your tour.

GPS allows you to travel with ease and reach destination. You can also mark points along your travel and store them for future use. If you have lost the way in deserts, mountains or forests, the stored points can be used to return back to the original location.

GPS vs. Compass

GPS shows accurate route for you to navigate safely. It works on battery. On the other hand, you can use the Compass without any electrical power. It also comes with a mirror. People, who use GPS, will find it difficult to go back if the battery loses its charge. Compass allows you to safely navigate and also offers helping hand to give signal to rescuing helicopters.

Backpacking equipment

In the olden days, you need to carry bulky and overweight canvases for your hiking and outdoor travel. Nowadays, you can buy lightweight canvases etc. to make your travel easy and affordable.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bag is highly essential for your outdoor or climbing trips to take rest while on trekking. Two types of latest sleeping bags are available in the market. The first one is the plastic type and withstands wet weather. It offers necessary warmth and comfort. The second one is the down sleeping bag. It uses goose down. It offers more comfort. You can enjoy nice sleep while on tour. The down sleeping bags are not suitable for wet conditions. You need to take utmost care for down sleeping bags in wet weather. You need to choose shoes suitable for climbing. It should withstand rough terrain.

Head Lamp

The latest head lamps are equipped energy efficient LED lights. It offers bright light similar to your old incandescent lights. You can choose LED light with 3 watts for brighter light. It is of lightweight and fits perfectly.

Altimeter is of great help to climbers to estimate air pressure and take necessary precaution.

You can also carry shelters, knives, axes, etc. for your journey. You need to include some water bottles for proper hydration. You can also carry communication equipment for reaching the help in case of emergency.