Useful Tips for Surviving in Tropical Forests



Summary: Surviving in tropical jungles is not as difficult as it is generally made out to be. With some handy tools and common sense, you can definitely travel through and survive in these jungles.


A tropical jungle would not be the same throughout.  Some part of it would be extremely dense with huge trees and vegetation. Some region would be filled with bushes. Some areas of a tropical jungle would be dry with stunted vegetation.


Travelling through and surviving in tropical jungles is certainly not impossible. Of course, crossing a tropical jungle is not very easy. But, it is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Many people think that danger from wild animals is high in these jungles. The truth is that bugs and insects in the jungles are more harmful than wild animals.


Tips for Survival


You need to have some things handy if you are in a tropical jungle. A compass would be very useful since you can easily lose track of the route in these forests. You should never go into these forests without first aid boxes. A machete or a knife would be useful while going through bushy regions. A machete would be useful for many other purposes too. You should be wearing good-quality trekking shoes, not those low-quality rubber shoes into which thorns can easily penetrate. You should be having a torch light for the nights. You should also be having a backpack with clothes, packed foods and other essentials.


While travelling through the jungle, you should regularly keep making markings on the trees and other areas of the jungles so as to be able to retrace your steps back. So, even if you lose your way, these marking can help you find your way back. Whenever you come across pug marks of any wild animal, don’t panic. Determine whether the pug marks are old or new. If they are old, there is nothing to worry about. If they are new and you see or hear any wild animal in the vicinity then try to climb the nearest tree.


At nights, you shouldn’t be moving around a lot. Instead, you should find a place to camp and make fire nearby. Firewood would be easily available in these jungles which you must collect and keep at your side before it gets dark. The fire would help in keeping the wild animals away. Since nights in tropical jungles can be extremely cold, the fire can keep you warm. They are also helpful in keeping the insects at bay. You can also use the fire to cook something or heat up the packed food items before consuming.