Tips To Survive In The Desert: Until Help Arrives



Summary: People consider being hostile if got stuck in a desert. Rather than fighting the desert, try being a part of the ecosystem. These arid lands were once a part of refuge for human races, and have proved that human race can adapt the harsh conditions. Let’s take a look of how one can survive in a desert. Most of the deserts are difficult to navigate by landscape whether it is a hot desert or a cold desert. Sahara is one of the well-known hot deserts, and Antarctica is one of the well-known cold desert.

The vast dunes can be a threatening experience to survive and a major task to find help; we can take steps to avoid a survival situation. But if it is that you are left all alone to find your way back from the desert, it’s nothing less than a night mare. Expect nothing but a cloudless sky and scorching sun to grill our skin.

Things to be aware of, when you know about your trip.

While planning the trip, one can study, research and understand the region before leaping in. Plan the route and arrange for a vehicle that can cross dunes in even extreme conditions. Understand the dangers in the nature and be well prepared. For instance, the possible dangers in a desert are poisonous creatures, dehydration and injuries. Carry a First Aid kit and plenty of clean and fresh drinking water. Wearing gloves and boots help you from getting threatened from poisonous creatures like snake, centipedes and scorpion to an extent. Ensure your cellular phone is charged and carry road flares, signal mirrors or whistle to signal SOS, if needed.

Things to be aware of, when you are accidently stuck in a desert.

The trip to a desert unplanned can be very much a painful and a terrorizing one, if you have no idea how to find help. This usually happens if you are a plane crash survivor, or have landed in a parachute. In such a situation make use of the resources available with you. So the ideal thing to do in such a situation is to take the shelter of  a tree or cliff or mountain shade, or build a tent with the parachute you have, which will reduce the stroke of heat and sun on you. Try finding help only when the sun is down or about to set. If you have found a trail of small stream or Oasis, check around to find a small habitat, probably some people would have tented somewhere near to take rest. Being near the water source is the best way to keep yourself living. To keep one hydrated all the time eating Cacti detaching the thorns which are rich in water content will keep you surviving, as even taking breath causes fluid loss. Ensure that every part of your skin is covered by clothing which can otherwise drain the water content from your body. Moving looking for the water source usually guides you to human habitat in deserts. Deserts’ are known for temperature drops at nights, try collecting dried wood and debris to create bonfire once it’s dark.

Unlike the animals and plants in desert, human beings have not developed extreme protective mechanism to survive; hence knowing these challenges in advance is an obvious advantage.