Survival Preparation Tips in the Wilderness


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Summary: If you are about to go on your very first wilderness adventure, it is highly advised that you prepare yourself first so that you can assure your safety at all times.


Surely you are very much in anticipation of your very first wilderness expedition. Wherever it may be, as long as you are near nature, it will surely be an awesome experience. But going out there and making yourself vulnerable to the wild is not easy. You must always be prepared and you must never take for granted your safety at all times. This is to assure you that you will have great and awesome memories instead of nasty ones. You surely wouldn’t want to remember a nasty accident, would you? So here are some tips on how you can be properly be prepared as you go out of the city and nearer to nature.

Tips on Surviving in the Wilderness

·         Bring a survival kit that has all the general contents and even a little bit more just for extra precautionary measures. There are numerous articles in the Internet on what you should put inside it or you can even ask your local outdoor shop for tips on what to bring. But basically, its contents are a flashlight, matches, food, water, medicines, first aid kit, etc.

·         Research on edible and inedible plants. This is because a lot of plants may look like they have fruits that can be eaten but lo and behold they are actually poisonous. So always be wary of what you put inside your mouth.

·         Make sure that you know how to read a compass and properly use it. Most likely if you are a beginner you will have a trail to follow but just in case you get lost, this will be your best friend.

·         In line with what was said above, you should also bring a map of the place where you are going to.

·         Make sure that you already know how to make a proper fire. This will serve as your warmth at night and can also help you cook. A proper fire is also needed because you should stay clear of being the cause of a forest fire.

·         Check the weather updates before your trip. You really wouldn’t enjoy your trip if you would sleep under the rain.

·         Bring lots of water. As they say, a person can go on days without food but water is very essential. But it would also be better if you will go to a place that has natural sources of water so as not to burden you with a heavy load while walking.

·         Bring a friend or two. It is safer and of course, who wouldn’t want to make fun memories together with their friends, right?