Modern and Old Backpacking and Rock Climbing Equipment



Summary: There are various different sporting stores which sell rock climbing and backpacking equipment. The same has gone through some changes with time.

Rock climbing and backpacking has been popular for years with sport enthusiasts. There are various different clubs and sporting events around both activities. Both are wilderness adventures and not for the faint of heart. In rock climbing, participants must climb either artificial walls which are designed to look like rocks or natural rocks themselves. They must climb these either going up, going down and even sideways. It is characterized by the participants using their hands for balance and weight support. A climb is considered successfully completed only when the participant climbs to the given point and returns safely to the start point. They may do this using a charted route or a shorter yet tougher route. Backpacking is different where people go camping or hiking and stay overnight in the wilderness. They carry equipment which is useful for them to stay overnight for the number of days the trip is for.


Due to the various requirements of each event, it is important to have the right equipment to ensure safety and security. It helps a person be prepared for the entire process. There are various different types of equipment and the same has also gone through some changes with time. With backpacking the intent is to have equipment which is lighter yet more functional. This is to help them travel longer distances while maintaining their stamina. There are various different types of equipment and while they may be expensive, they are more functional than the gear used in the past. This is due to the materials used in construction, the type of gear etc. The same has changed over the years and become easier. The same is true of gear for rock climbing as well. The gear is more solid and dependable. The design structure is made to last for a long time and is much stronger than what was used in the past.


Equipment for Rock Climbing and Backpacking

The equipment used today is similar in some manner yet different as well. There are different materials used for clothes and shoes. The waterproof material ensures that a person’s extremities are not wet and with certain clothes, it helps trap heat in the body especially during extreme weather conditions. In rock climbing, special safety helmets are made which are much stronger than those used before. Other equipment include safety harnesses, carabineers etc. They also have specialized shoes for a better grip.