How to Find Shelter and Survive in Tropical Climate



Summary: If you are thinking of going out on a wilderness escapade on a tropical climate, be sure that you know how to find the right type of shelter in order for you to survive it out there.

Experiencing the great outdoors or more commonly known as the wilderness is somewhat easier if you on to a place with tropical climate. This is because going to a place with colder climate entails a whole lot more preparation and being warm will always be an issue. Now if you are already set out for your adventure, always make sure that you are prepared. This is in term of being prepared mentally, physically, and on the things that you need to bring on your trip. Also, once you get there, you must know how to choose shelter because it will help in protecting you from the heat of the sun, insects, wind, rain, wild animals, and the likes. Your shelter will be your home away from home and you must know how to choose it wisely in order for you to fully appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.

How to Select Shelter

·         The place must be large and level enough for you to comfortably lie down

·         It must provide a disguise from wild animals or any possible enemies that comes along

·         It must have an escape route that is camouflaged

·         It must provide you with protection if ever dead trees or rocks might fall

·         If ever signaling will be necessary, the place should be ideal for it

·         It should have no poisonous plants, insects, and reptiles that might harm you during your stay

·         Avoid areas that might be prone to flash floods and are ear bodies of water or are below the high water mark

·         Find a place that is near a place that has clean drinking water

·         Learn how to make different kinds of shelter just in case your tent gets ruined or ends up being unavailable to be used. There are a lot of tutorials in the Internet about it and you can learn at least two or three just to be sure that you will have a safe place to stay in during your stay whatever happens.

·         Make sure that the place you will stay in has a place where you can store your food away from animals that might get interested in them during the night, or even during the day

All in all, being prepared for your shelter is really not that hard. You just need to properly research about it first before you go on your adventure. This is to assure your safety and that to assure that you will have fun on your trip.