Don’t let the Tropics Get to You-Be Safe.



Summary: While surviving the heat and cold of the desert can be quite difficult, facing the tropical climate can be as difficult. Tropical climate is all about rains, rains, and more rains. Moisture and high humidity make you mad.


A tropical climate can make you go insane. Incessant rainfall, wet conditions, humidity, everything affects your spirits. Survival in any situation requires adequate food, shelter, drinking water, rescue options, and your state of mind. How would it feel if there’s water everywhere but not a drop to drink? The greatest obstacle in the tropical regions is water. Most fall sick due to rains and humidity. Tropical climates favor deadly insects and snakes and other animals. You always have to be on your toes to beat the obstacles and stay safe. Keeping your gear, shelter, body, and woods dry at all times is a daunting task; failing which might frustrate you like anything.


Tips to Survive Tropical Climates

Soon the stress gets to your head and you lose your mind. So keep your mind focused and spirits up. That’s too important. Fire is always a source of comfort that fills you with a sense of accomplishment and affects the overall well-being of your body and mind. Moreover, the fire keeps away the vicious insects and reptiles that can cause harm any time. However, lighting a fire is a difficult task as the wet climate ruins all your fire-building materials. The wet ground makes it impossible. Try amassing dry tinder found inside the bark of dead trees.


Rocks are always handy. Build the fire on the rocks so that the wet ground can’t saturate the wood and the tinder. Store dry wood inside your shelter but make sure there are no hidden insects. Due to the extreme moisture, your shelter should have a good roof and three sides so that you can ward off the rains. Get used to wearing wet clothing. Trench foot is common in these areas. Therefore, pay attention to wet socks, shoes, and boots. Already counting your days?


There’s abundance of water but none of it is safe to drink. Be very careful with the water you drink. Contaminated water can wrench your intestines and cause severe diarrhea that can even be fatal. If you are collecting water from a pond, boil it before drinking. Collected rain water is always safe to drink. Make use of the large garbage bags to trap enough water. Never take chances with the fruits and nuts inside the forest. Know what you are consuming. Be absolutely sure. Remember, medical help is not available here. Keep the fire burning; both outside and inside.