Calling for Help in a Desert-like Place



Summary: Afraid of getting stuck in the desert? While you can take measures to avoid such an unfortunate thing by preparing beforehand, if the situation comes at all, you must follow the signaling system such as glares in the sun and flares at night.

Travelling in a desert climate can be quite a demanding thing. Everything can go wrong in the desert. You may run out of supplies. The heat might be unbearable; much more than what you had expected, water may be scarcely available or not available at all. However, most people only think about the heat of the desert, not the cold. Night temperatures can be freezing and if you do not have the required clothing, you might either fall seriously ill or die. One can never expect the dangers that might befall. But what do you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

How Do You Find Help?

Whenever you are travelling in a desert or in a place with desert-like climate, you should always follow the five step strategy – Preparing a travel plan, preparing your vehicle, knowing the possible dangers, using the emergency kit, and understanding the region. The signaling system is mighty important and if you default on it, chances are that you will soon turn into a carcass. By desert, we do not necessarily mean the miles and miles of sand dunes. Any area getting less than 10 inches of rainfall is considered desert-like.

Extreme temperatures, low humidity, and absence of water – Brace the Desert!

Are you following the signaling system? By signaling system we do not mean hi-tech computers that will immediately contact the base and rescue you. This is not a movie friend. This is nature in its truest form. So what do you have?

Signaling Mirrors – These can be seen from long distances. Take it very seriously. Learn how to use a signaling mirror. In case you are not carrying one, break the side mirror of your vehicle. Read about the various signaling methods. 3 V-shaped fires is a distress signal. A triangle-shaped pile of rock is also a distress signal. These signals are visible even when the person’s image has blended with the background. CDs and chrome-plated items can also be used as signaling mirrors.

Flares – Mirrors are helpful only in the sun. What do you do at night? You use the flares. Create signal fires using whatever material you have with you and inside the car. You will rarely find wood in the desert. Moreover, wood in the desert is very dry and will not create the dark smoke that will be visible from a distance. So you need to add things to the fire such as spare tyre, seat covering etc.