Types of Shelters for Cold Climates



Summary: Winter shelters offer necessary warmth and protection from snow or breezing winds. You can use a makeshift shelter to create a temporary shelter in readily available caves, under trees etc. You can also use V shaped and wide branches of the trees to create a shelter in high areas of the forests. It offers protection from wind and wild animals.

People, who have lost their way due to accident, may need a shelter to get protection from cold winds. People, who are on a sightseeing trip experiencing cold weather suddenly, also need a shelter to get safeguard themselves from the effects of cold winds. Some people, who embark on a sightseeing trip, are used to carry winter jackets, blankets, polythene sheets with logs for a make shift shelter. You are advised to carry woolen coats and dresses to get protection in cold weather conditions. You are also advised to carry rain coats for your outdoor trips. Anything including flash floods, cyclone, rains with snow, etc can happen all on a sudden. You are advised to get prepared for the worse.

Winter Shelter types for outdoor use

People, who are forced to stay outdoors in the cold weather, may have to use to whatever they find at the site. Winter shelters outdoor include short term shelters for cold weather, mild weather shelters, long term mild weather shelters etc.

Cave Shelters

You can use caves as shelters to get protection from the winds. Despite having many disadvantages, they offer readymade shelter for you and your group. Make sure to select a cave where no wild animals reside. You need to select small cave shelter to allow heating in shortest possible time. It should be free from snakes and insects. You can find bind weed from nearby and cover the floor. You can put a blanket on the floor and lit a fire outside the cave to get warmth for your body and heat the cave.

Rock Shelter

You can look for rock shelters near the beaches. It offers a break for the breezing winds and offer necessary protection. You can mobilize the rocks and build a rock shelter that has a height of 2 to 3 ft. You can light a fire at the mouth of the shelter to offer necessary warmth.

Mild Weather Shelters

You can create a short term shelter to get protection from mild weather conditions. You can use polythene sheets and wooden or metal rods to make a small tent.

Hanging Trees as shelter

You can create a shelter under the hanging tree. You can tie the hanging branches together to form a small shelter and use the blanket to stop wind entering inside. Make it a bit larger to offer comfortable accommodation.

Make sure to create a shelter in safe areas. It should not be prone to flash floods and rains. Choose a safe area for your shelter. You can also use large spacious trees for sheltering for the night.