Tips to Keep Warm in a Cold Climate



Summary: When you encounter cold weather it is only natural that you have the right kind of clothing and insulation to protect you from its effects.  Layering is the key when it comes to keeping warm in cold weather conditions.

It is no secret that exposure to extreme cold weather can have life threatening consequences.  Hypothermia, frost bite and actual body freezing can result if one does not properly know the basic methods on how to stay warm.  Here are some important principles on how to stay warm when exposed to extremely low temperature weather.

Preparation plays a vital role in saving your life when it comes to cold weather exposure.  Prior to going out to your cold weather expedition it is essential that you have with you layers of properly insulating clothing in order to ensure that your body temperature is not compromised once you are exposed to the freezing cold.  Make sure that the complete body that has adequate coverage.  It is likewise important that you have the proper headgear, gloves and shoes that can provide warmth against the elements. Choose a jacket or parka that is specifically designed for extreme cold weather climate.  Do not merely choose a jacket just because of how it looks.  Remember that different jacket designs provide different layers of insulation so choose wisely.

Avoid cotton type material when it comes to choosing warm clothing.  Cotton is notorious for allowing body heat to dissipate exposing you to the dangers of the freezing cold.  The fact that it absorbs moisture rather than repel it means that you will definitely feel the chill if you happen to get it wet when you are out in the field.   It is more recommended to use instead polyester type material.  For blizzards it is only but natural that you supplement what you already have with additional protection from the snow such as sock liners and masks.

Keep the Area Warm

When choosing a camp site in extreme cold conditions make sure that it has proper protection from snow.  It should be a place where you can light a fire and keep it on constantly for the rest of the night.  It is imperative that you have brought with you insulated sleeping bags as well as dry thick blankets to provide more protection for subzero temperatures.  Stock up on fatty food and complex carbs as these are the ones that can provide you with the right amount of energy in order to produce adequate body heat.  If you begin to feel a chill rise up from your spine try to keep moving so as to allow proper circulation of blood and oxygen to your body.  Remember not to overexert yourself.  If you happen to get your clothes wet, change them immediately or if you do not have any spare clothes use dry leaves from trees as a form of heat insulation from the cold.