Tips for Searching and Conserving Water in a Desert Climate



Summary: People are advised to include plenty of water in plastic cans in their travel gear. You can find water in damp areas of the desert. You need to dig deeper to find fresh water. Drink water every hour to stay healthy in a harsh climate.

Water is scarce in deserts. People, who intend to travel to desert areas or areas having desert climate, need to travel with adequate food and water supplies. Never travel to the desert areas in haste. Include all the necessary supplies in your travel gear. Inform someone if you need to travel urgently. You should inform your friends, family or colleagues where you are going and when you will return. It helps to start rescue operations in case you lost your way, exhausted supplies or fell ill.

How to Search for water in a desert?

It is quite difficult to find water in a desert. In view of this you are advised to carry lot of water in large plastic cans. Do not waste water. Stay in full clothes under hot climate in a shade of the tree or other bushes. It helps to prevent water through sweat, as your body temperature will be at normal level. You are advised not to work very hard under direct sun.

You can find water where the sand surface is wet. You may need to dig for water in that area. Sometimes deep digging may be required to find sufficient water.

Carefully listen to sounds of birds if any in your region. They may chirp in the mornings and evenings usually in places where water source is available. Look for water holes in such areas. You can find water for your daily use. Collect the water in plastic cans and use carefully.

Sudden rain or flash floods may also occur in deserts. Keep your water cans ready for collecting enough water.

You can also find water in between mountain areas and at the slopes. You can collect water from such areas.

You can look for water where plants grow. Plants including willows, sycamores, cotton woods, arrow weed, cattails, salt cedar and hackberry. You can cut the cactus plant on top and squeeze it for water. It offers sufficient water for your drinking needs. You can also dig the surface in that area for fresh water.

You are also advised to carry a lengthy plastic sheet. You can place it on a plain surface during night. You will be able to collect few bottles of water through morning dew.  You can also find water under the original layer of the sand dunes.

You are advised to consume half liter water every one hour to prevent dehydration and stay healthy to perform your assigned tasks.