How to Find Shelter and Food in a Desert?



Summary: People, who have lost their way in a desert or landed due to falling of aircraft, can make their own shelter with available material. You can find water in the foot slopes of hills or where the sand is damp. Also watch for areas where birds chirp in the evenings or morning. You can find also find water from plants. You just need to squeeze the plant and collect water.

People need shelter to survive from intense heat of the desert climate. Shelter is very important to keep you in healthy condition while preserving the water. It is quite difficult to find a shelter in desert. You should have a will to survive in the desert climate till some rescuers offer necessary help. You should use all the available material in that area to make your own shelter. You can use readily available caves and old buildings if any for your shelter. It saves you energy. You need to be careful in finding such shelters, as snakes, scorpions or other wild life may be residing already.

Tips to make your own shelter in a desert

It is easy to build a shelter without much hard work if you have some plastic sheets, ponchos or parachutes. It is better to find a depression in the sand and mobile small rocks. You can keep stones or sand on one side of the poncho or parachute on one side of the depression and extend the other side of the poncho to next side of the depression and keep small rocks or sand over it. You need to cover third side also with the material. You need to keep entrance at one side of the trench. Make sure that area is comfortable to lie without any scorpions or snakes.

The shelter should not be built at the foot of hills or other areas where flash floods may occur or rocks may fall. Always find nice area for comfortable sleep and at the same time offer protection from wild animals and reptiles.

You can also make a shelter with just sand itself. For this, you need to dig a small burrow that is sufficient to accommodate you comfortably. You are advised to do this during evenings or night to save some energy. If you have more ponchos, you can keep two layers above the burrow with a spacing of 1 ft. It helps to reduce the temperature by 16 to 20oC.

You can also create an open air shelter if you have more sticks, thread and tarpaulin. You need to put the sticks at four corners and tie the canvas. It also offers nice air circulation apart from offering comfortable shelter.

Tips for finding food in a desert

You are advised to look for cacti plants. You need to collect cacti fruits and consume. They are tasty and offer necessary proteins and nutrients for your survival.

You can find reptile holes. Use twigs to lure the reptiles or other insects. You can consume the tail portion of a lizard, as it offers proteins and nutrients. You can also put a trap for small animals in the night around water holes. It helps to catch small ones for your food. Make sure to cook or at least heat the food before you consume.